Looking to start your own
mobile food business?

Karpatia trucks has the largest selection of mobile food & beverage solutions

Karpatia Trucks provides food trucks, food trailers, kitchen- and bar containers and other concession- or food vending units. Because of our international network for sourcing and production throughout the EU and Asia, we are able to deliver a similar quality product for a price major US or Western European manufacturers can’t hope to match.

karpatia trucks

our process

We know mobile catering! But who are you?


By assessing your dreams we come to a shared understanding of who we are building for and why

Exploring multiple design options lets us find the solution that best suits your business goals



We refine the concept and provide you with a detailed design that meets your needs

Close monitoring during production ensures Close monitoring during production ensures



We offer a range of extra services to support your operation, so you can keep your focus

Our offer

Get inspired by our classic or new and modern models,
design your own food truck or find a used food truck for sale.
With Karpatia Trucks, you have an endless amount of possibilities. We will provide you with the best food trucks, kitchen equipment and customizations (both inside and outside) – fast and easy.
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From the classic stepvan to an out of the horsebox conversion trailer, we pride ourselves in provinding a solution at a uniquely affordable price.

We also provide additional services to help you with branding, web design and business development consultation.

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Karpatia Trucks has the largest selection of mobile food & beverage solutions. We know what food trucks need and will help you set up your own mobile food business.

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