Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – BUYING A FOOD TRUCK

1. Karpatia: a trading name and licensed trademark of United Food Concepts Holding Kft, a private limited company based in Budapest, Hungary.  licensed to various partner companies, such as including but not limited to, DeVisser Food Service Equipment B.V. , a private limited company, based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Karpatia USA LLC of Delaware. 

All entities officially licensed and endorsed by United Food Concepts Holding Kft to use the name Karpatia, are the user of these general terms and conditions when they so decide to quote these terms to customers and potential customers. 

The Client: each natural person or legal entity that has engaged Karpatia to perform work or that receives an offer which is governed by these general terms and conditions.

2. These general terms and conditions are applicable to all Karpatia’s agreements and to all engagements and legal or contractual relationships between Karpatia and a client. The Client’s order or offer acceptance is understood to be an acceptance of these general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions are also applicable to all agreements with Karpatia for the execution of which third parties are engaged.

3. Any deviation of these terms and conditions should be made clear in writing.

4. The applicability of any terms and conditions of The Client is expressly rejected. Application of any conditions of The Client’s is only possible if agreed in writing by both parties.

5. If Karpatia does not apply these general terms and conditions strictly to the agreement and the execution of the agreement, this does not mean these general terms and conditions are set aside. Karpatia can still require strict compliance at every moment.

6. If one or more of the provisions of these general terms and conditions are invalid or set aside, the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain applicable in full. Karpatia and The Client will in that case enter into consultation with a view to making agreement on the substitution of the invalid provisions with new ones that approach as closely as possible the purpose and the tenor of the original provisions.

7. If a situation occurs that is not described in these terms and conditions, this shall be judged in the spirit of these general terms and conditions.

8. Karpatia may amend the present conditions. Amendments shall also apply to agreements already entered in to.Karpatia shall announce any such amendments well in advance. The BUYER may terminate the agreement as per the date on which the amended conditions will take effect, if The Client does not wish to accept such amended conditions.

Offers and agreements

1. All offers issued by Karpatia shall be without engagement. Offers are open for acceptance within a period of 30 days starting from the date of the offer. Offers shall apply only with respect to execution of the work in regular circumstances.

2. Karpatia cannot be bound by the offer if the offer contains a mistake, which should reasonably be recognized as a mistake by The Client.

3. The agreement shall only come into force upon written confirmation of The Client, upon confirmation of Karpatia to The Client or when Karpatia makes a start with the execution of the agreement, in accordance with The Client.

4. Karpatia and The Client are not entitled to transfer rights and/or obligations ensuing from the agreement to a third party, unless otherwise is agreed by parties.

Content of the agreement

1. The contents of the agreement have been described in full and agreed by both parties, and been documented in the order confirmation. Additions and/or changes are only binding on the parties if the changes have been agreed by both parties in writing.

2. When additional changes in the order or extra services have been added to the order, with both parties agreeing on the additional changes. The extra cost of the additional changes are charged separately by Karpatia to The Client if the final invoice has been send to The Client. If the final invoice has not been sent to The Client, a new quotation will be sent to The Client. An alteration of the agreement can change the agreed upon completion deadline. The Client accepts the possibility of an alteration of the agreement, including a change in price and completion deadline.

3. Drawings, technical descriptions and designs, provided to The Client by Karpatia, remain the sole property of Karpatia They may not be reproduced without the permission of Karpatia, nor disclosed to third parties. If an offer does not lead to the conclusion of an agreement between Karpatia and The Client, The Client must return all documents (including drawings, descriptions, designs and other specifications) to Karpatia’s address.

Prices and payment

1. Prices set by or agreed to with Karpatia are exclusive of taxes and charges by any governmental body or authority.

2. If the costs of execution of the agreement increase after the closing of the agreement, Karpatia shall be entitled to charge The Client a price-increase if and to the extent that such increase is reasonable.

3. Karpatia is entitled to increase the fee if, during the performance of the work, it becomes apparent that the originally agreed or anticipated amount of work was underestimated when the contract was entered into, for reasons that cannot be attributed to Karpatia, to such an extent that Karpatia cannot reasonably be expected to perform the agreed work for the originally agreed fee.

4. All Karpatia services are invoiced 100% in advance prior to the execution of the agreement. Other arrangements are possible if agreed in advance between Karpatia and The Client, the agreement needs to be documented. The agreed payment terms can be found on the final invoice and quotations.

5. Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date by transferring or depositing the payable amount to the bank or bank (giro) account stipulated by Karpatia, unless otherwise is agreed in writing. Complaints do not suspend the payment obligation.

6. If The Client fails to remit payment within the 7-day period, The Client shall be held in default by operation of law without formal notice. The Client shall in that case be liable for the payment of interest equal to the statutory commercial interest rate at that time.

7. If The Client fails to remit payment within the 7-day period, Karpatia will be allowed to claim the in court and out of court costs with The Client. The Client also owes interest over the collection fee due.

8. The Client’s payment is without any deduction or set-off. Karpatia reserves the right to have payments made by The Client extend first to payment of costs, then to outstanding interest and finally the principal amount and the current interest, even if The Client states that the payment relates to other invoices or bills.

9. In the event of The Client being liquidated, declared bankrupt or granted suspension of payment, the claims of Karpatia on The Client shall become immediately due and payable. Karpatia may suspend its performance and is, without judicial intervention, entitled to terminate the agreement.

Execution of the agreement, delivery

1. Karpatia will render all services to the best of its knowledge and ability and in conformity with generally accepted professional standards.

2. Provided models, pictures etcetera are only meant to show the range of possibilities offered by Karpatia. No rights can be derived from them unless specific reference is made to them in the offer.

3. The Client ensures that all data, of which Karpatia indicates to be necessary in order to execute the agreement, or which Karpatia is reasonably to understand that it is necessary to execute the agreement, is provided to Karpatia in time. When the data, necessary to execute the agreement, is not provided in time, Karpatia is entitled to postpone the agreement and/or charge The Client with the additional costs coming derived from the delay. The Client is responsible and liable for the accuracy, comprehensiveness and reliability of the data and documentation made available to Karpatia.

4. A time period agreed during the term of the agreement for the completion of the work shall not under any circumstances be deemed to be a firm deadline. This can be due to the fact of the situation of the supplier, transportation and clearance at customs (if applicable).

5. The work is considered to be delivered if it is accepted or deemed to be accepted by the client. The date of delivery is set to be the date of acceptance by Karpatia. The work shall be deemed accepted if Karpatia appears to have taken control of the work or after receiving such notification from The Client in the form of a final invoice.

6. The risk of the work forming the subject of the agreement being lost or damaged shall transfer to The Client at the time at which it is legally and/or actually delivered to The Client and are thus placed at The Client disposal or a third-party nominated by The Client for that purpose.

Guarantees and conformity

1. With regard to objects supplied by third parties, the guarantee obligations of Karpatia shall never be greater or of longer duration than the guarantee obligations of the supplying party towards Karpatia. With regard to objects produced by Karpatia, Karpatia will: 

  • Guarantee only passable effective use performance as listed, for a period of 6 months, for objects if the purchased object is made in China 
  • Guarantee the proper performance for a term of 36 months in case of vintage restorations
  • Guarantee the proper performance for a term of 60 months in case of new build objects.
  • For objects, which are not new, a guarantee is only valid for and so far this has been explicitly agreed. Any other guarantee obligations need to be agreed in writing by parties.

2. All guarantee obligations lapse if the objects are modified by The Client or any third party, by inexpert use, lack of care or if The Client does not comply with provided instructions. No guarantee is applicable when defects are the result of normal wear and tear.

Intellectual property

1. All intellectual or industrial property rights to any materials developed or provided under the agreement, such as drawings, designs and documentation, shall solely be held by Karpatia or its licensers.

2. The Client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Karpatia from and against any loss, damage, costs, liability and expenses arising from or out of any third party action or claim that Karpatia infringes the intellectual property rights of such third party.

3. The Client is not allowed to alter or remove any notice of copyrights, brands, trademarks or other rights of intellectual or industrial property.

Transfer of ownership in case of purchase

1. All purchased objects delivered to The Client shall remain the property of Karpatia until receipt of payment in full of the amounts due by The Client to Karpatia in respect of any delivery, including interest and costs. Leased equipment remains the property of Karpatia at all times.

2. The Client is not authorized to pledge or encumber the objects covered by retention of title.

3. In the event of The Client failing to meet his contractual obligations, Karpatia may exercise his property rights as provided from this article without formal notice.

Act of God

1. Karpatia is not required to comply with any obligation if prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is beyond their control and for which they cannot be held accountable by virtue of the law, a juristic act or generally accepted views. Karpatia can suspend his contractual obligations during the period of an Act of God. If the period of an Act of God lasts for longer than two months, either party shall be entitled to dissolve the agreement without being obliged to pay any compensation for damages to the other party. In this case, Karpatia will remain entitled to demand payment for the services it supplied with respect to the performance of the agreement before the circumstances that caused the Act of God to become apparent.

2. In these general conditions, Act of God is defined – in addition to that which is deemed as such by law and legal precedent – as all circumstances, foreseen or unforeseen, that are beyond the control of Karpatia but which prevent Karpatia from meeting his obligations. That includes strikes at Karpatia’s business, strikes at any dockland or rail depot engaged in transport of the object concerned and general strikes which cause unforeseen delays. Karpatia is entitled to invoke Act of God if the circumstances rendering (further) fulfilment of the obligations impossible commence after the point in time on which Karpatia should have fulfilled his obligations.

Cancellation, suspension and termination

1. Agreements cannot be cancelled by The Client without Karpatia’s written consent.

2. The Client may cancel the agreement before Karpatia has started execution of the agreement. Karpatia shall be entitled to compensation of the loss of capacity utilization caused by premature cancellation.

3. If The Client dissolves the agreement in whole or in part, Karpatia shall charge The Client for all the activities carried out as well for all reasonable costs that arise from obligations already commenced by Karpatia.

4. In the event The Client cancels the agreement in terms of this article, The Client shall indemnify against any claim brought by third parties resulting from The Client’s cancellation.

5. If The Client is declared insolvent or bankrupt or if a petition is filed for The Client’s compulsory liquidation or bankruptcy, attachment, debt rescheduling regulations or any other circumstance that prevents The Client’s from free access to its assets, Karpatia shall have the right, without being required to pay any compensation or reimbursement, to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part or to suspend performance of the agreement. Karpatia shall in that case be entitled to demand immediate payment of any outstanding amounts.

6. Parties have the right to terminate the contract if the other party fails to meet his contractual obligations or meet them in full.

7. Karpatia has the right to suspend performance of the contract or to dissolve the contract in whole, when Karpatia finds out that there are circumstances which lead to reasonable doubt about The Client’s ability to meet its obligations, when The Client is required to provide sufficient security concerning the fulfilment of its obligations deriving from the agreement, and when this security is not given or not sufficient or when a delay caused by The Client prevents Karpatia to meet the original conditions of the agreement. The Client will not be entitled to any compensation.

8. Termination of lease agreements is regulated in the terms and conditions.


1. In the event of Karpatia being held liable, that liability shall be limited to the provisions of this article. This article is subject to exception in cases of intentional act or omission on par with gross negligence on the part of Karpatia.

2. Karpatia is not liable for damages consisting of or caused by faults relating to information and data provided by The Client.

3. To the extent that Karpatia depends on the cooperation, services and supplies of third parties for the performance of the contract, Karpatia will not be liable for any damage resulting from these relations or their discontinuation, irrespective of whether the damage is caused or becomes apparent when the relation with Karpatia is ongoing.

4. Karpatia does not accept any liability for loss resulting from the incorrect or improper use of the objects supplied by Karpatia, or resulting from the use of objects, which are modified by The Client or any third party.

5. Karpatia is only obliged to refund direct damage sustained by The Client as a result of fault(s). Direct damage shall only concern: a) The reasonable costs possibly incurred to have Karpatia faulty performance meet the conditions of the agreement unless the agreement is terminated by The Client; b) The reasonably costs made to determine the cause and size of the damage, given that this determination affects damage as described in this condition; c) costs made to limit the damage, given that The Client proves that these costs have lead to a limitation of direct damage as described in these general terms and conditions. In the event of any loss or damage The Client must notify Karpatia of this in writing without delay, giving Karpatia a reasonable period of time to check The Client’s loss or damage and to take care of recovery or limiting the damage.

6. Karpatia is not liable to The Client for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the contract. This clause is subject to exception in cases of intentional act or omission on par with gross negligence on the part of Karpatia.

7. Karpatia’s liability for losses or damage suffered by The Client as a result of the contract is limited by the amount of which Karpatia’s liability is insured. In the event of the damage, attributable to Karpatia, is not paid by the insurer of Karpatia, the liability of Karpatia will not exceed the costs of the original order. If the contract is, in essence, a continuing performance contract with duration of more than 6 months, the price is set at the total of payments for 6 months. Karpatia has no liability whatsoever beyond a maximum sum of €50.000,00.

8. The limitations described in “article 7 in Limitations” on the liability are not applicable when the damage is caused by intent or serious misconduct by Karpatia or any of its managerial subordinates.

9. The Client indemnifies Karpatia of any claims by third parties, which have suffered damage as a result of the execution of the agreement and that have a cause that cannot be attributed to Karpatia.


1. The Client should examine the work after delivery for visible defects. Any visible defects will be recorded in the delivery-report, which will be signed by both parties. Except for these recorded defects, the work will be deemed to be accepted.

2. Non-visible faults or defects for which Karpatia is liable as a consequence of the agreement must be reported in writing immediately after discovery, or immediately after they became reasonably visible, but at least within two months after delivery. If Karpatia does not report any faults or defects within this period, the work is deemed to be accepted.

3. If a complaint is well founded, Karpatia shall perform the rejected work anew, unless such has become demonstrably useless for The Client. If it is no longer possible or useful to perform the work agreed upon. Karpatia shall only be liable within the limits of these general terms and conditions.

4. Complaints do not suspend the payment obligation.

Applicable law and disputes

1. All legal relationships between Karpatia and The Client to which these terms and conditions apply shall be governed by the laws of the country in which the contracting Karpatia licenseholder is legally incorporated. The applicability of Vienna Sales Convention is excluded.


The following provisions are, in addition to the general terms and conditions of Karpatia, applicable to all lease agreements.


1. The following provisions apply, in addition to the general provisions in article 1-13 of these general terms and conditions, to all agreements relating to the lease of equipment.

2. If there is a conflict between the provisions of the general chapter and the provisions of this section, this section shall prevail.

Delivery leased vehicle

1. The leased vehicle shall be deemed delivered to The Lessee provided location and agreed upon by Karpatia unless otherwise is agreed by parties. In this case, the leased vehicle will be delivered at the new agreed location of delivery. Upon delivery, all risk of loss of and/or damage to the vehicle shall pass to The Lessee. Use of the leased vehicle 1. The vehicle may only be used and operated in a careful and proper manner.

2. The LESSEE must use, service and maintain the vehicle in accordance with Karpatia’s instructions and recommendations. THE LESSEE will be held liable for all damages arising from not or not fully observing and/or complying with those instructions and recommendations.

3. Any type of license or permit needed for performance shall be obtained by THE LESSEE at it’s own expense.

4. The intended use of the vehicle must be described in detail by THE LESSEE before use.

5. In deference of standard, the particular vehicle for THE LESSEE will not be immediately approved for public use on roads as a matter of expediency, i.e. to minimize the time from completion to delivery. Transport on public roads is expressly permitted only if the vehicle is transported as cargo in a container or on a trailer, not a dragged trailer. In case THE LESSEE wishes to transport the vehicle express written consent must be granted by Karpatia.

6. In the event THE LESSEE fails to fulfill the obligation mentioned in “Use of a leased vehicle” all the consequences, penalties and damages caused by or resulting from this failure are at THE LESSEE’S expense. Karpatia has, after following a proper notice of default observing a reasonable time period, the right to terminate the agreement in whole without THE LESSEE having any right to compensation. After termination, THE LESSEE’s obliged to immediately return the vehicle to Karpatia.

Ownership and inspection

1. The leased vehicle remains at all times the property of Karpatia. THE LESSEE shall not sell, pledge or otherwise encumber the vehicle.

2. Before the vehicle is made available to THE LESSEE, Karpatia can make a delivery report on the condition of the vehicle. Both parties shall sign these reports. The reports confirm that the vehicle is in good working order and condition, and operating in accordance with standard specifications.

3. THE LESSEE shall at no time sublease or in any other manner surrender possession of the vehicle to any third party, without the prior consent of Karpatia. If THE LESSEE fails to fulfil this obligation, THE LESSEEE shall pay Karpatia the sum of € 1.000,00 for each day or part of a day the failure exists. THE LESSEE shall compensate damages suffered by Karpatia is entitled to terminate the agreement.

4. THE LESSEE shall allow Karpatia to enter THE LESSEE’s premises where the leased vehicle is stored or used at all reasonable times to locate and inspect the state and condition of the leased vehicle.

Loss, theft or damage

1. In the event of any loss, theft or damage THE LESSEE must notify Karpatia as soon as possible within a period of 24 hours. In case of theft or loss the police must be informed at the first opportunity.


1. Karpatia may determine a fixed term agreement exclusively, by written notice given to THE LESSEE, with a notice period of 30 days.

2. If the agreement is for an indefinite period, either party may terminate it by written (registered) notice given to the other party, with a notice period of one calendar month.

End of lease agreement

1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Karpatia and THE LESSEE, it shall be the responsibility of THE LESSEE to return the vehicle to Karpatia on termination of the lease. The vehicle shall be restored to the original, clean condition and configuration.

2. If THE LESSEE returns the vehicle in a damaged or unclean condition, THE LESSEE will be liable for the necessary costs of cleaning and/or repairing the vehicle.

3. If the vehicle is not returned on the day it is required to be returned, THE LESSEE is in default. THE LESSEE shall be obligated to: a) immediately pay Karpatia the sum of € 1000 for each day or part of a day the default exists; a) compensate to Karpatia al suffered damages. THE CLIENT or THE LESSEE hereby gives unconditional and irrevocable permission, now for then, for Karpatia or third parties engaged by Karpatia to enter the place where the vehicle of Karpatia is located, and to repossess that property.