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Airstream food truck

Who does not want an airstream food truck for their business? Eye-catching timeless design meets a huge, practical work area combined with all the benefits a trailer has over a regular food truck. 

Karpatia Trucks offers a variety of options:

– Original, name brand Airstream Food Trucks. Either bought new and converted, or a sourced vintage trailer. 

– European high quality, road-legal replica stainless steel and aluminium trailers aluminium. 

– Asian quality replica trailers for the value oriented buyer. 

Airstream food truck / food trailer for sale - c Olga Mandel

Vintage Airstream Food Truck or Concession Trailer

A real brand

  • We do love streetfood – but some chefs are just made for gourmet cooking and Michelin stars, and some brands are made for brands. 
  • If your product and business are very high-end, luxury and exclusive both you and your customers should happily pay extra for the brand.  

A SMART investment in your business

  • Maintained properly an Airstream concession trailer has a high resell price at the end of a five or even seven year lease. 
  • Buying a vintage Airstream for a food truck conversion can be a very staggered process that you fund as you go – we are happy to park it safe and dry in our storage and do the next stage of work whenever you are able to pay another installment and we have the time to work on it. 
  • This means you can go grab that great deal on a ’76 Argosy Airstream you saw on Craiglist and not have to worry about funding the rest of the conversion immediately.


  • Karpatia does not have an exclusive license to officially sell a brand new Airstream, so if you are buying new we can only offer a great deal on the conversion and kitchen equipment inside. The base trailer as provided by Thor Industries is very hard to get a good discount on.
  • There is a very limited amount of high quality conversion specialists in the USA that we trust to do the work up to our standards, and they are often booked. Meaning: workshops are at capacity most of the year, and it is usually faster to ship your Airstream from the USA to our crew in Europe and back – and cheaper, too – but this means the whole build process might take at least as much as 120 days. 
  • Many Airstreams are for sale on Craigslist or other classifieds sites at any point in time – few are without problems, and listings are all over the place from Colorado to Florida. Finding the right vintage trailer to convert is a significant time investment on your or our side. This is not necessarily a downside but it does mean a longer delivery vs. a standard rectangular concession trailer that can be built from scratch in 10-12 work days. 
Airstream food truck / food trailer for sale - c Olga Mandel

European Stainless Steel American Style Trailer

bang for your buck

  • Our self made replicas are the perfect balance of price and quality
  • Not cheap, but truly great value
  • No shipping delay – delivery within the week of completion for EU and UK customers
  • 16 days New York & Upper East Coast
  • 20 days Texas, Florida
  • 30+ days West Coast 

Quality and VALUE

  • From $50k or less if you order a small model – 60% to half the price of a brandname Airstream Food Truck
  •  100% guaranteed CE certified equipment that meets all EU, UK and USA county or state specific codes as fit for major Fortune / Dax listed brands and international 5-star hospitality chains. 


  • Need a higher ceiling, longer trailer or a different steel color like copper or gold? 
  • Fiberglass options available to more easily stay under Commerical Drivers License requirements (C class / truck license for EU customers) 
  • A lot is possible!


  • Not as flexible as our Asian option due to high requirements of EU production standards.
  • Quality takes time and buildtime can be up to 60 days depending on how your build is specced out. 
eu pt airstream fiberglass mariana reis
eu pt airstream concession trailer fiberglass cheap airstream
tiny silver bug airstream mariana reis

Asian Stainless Steel Trailer


  • Amazing turnaround and delivery time. Takes just 20 days to build
  • Shipping ex. port and road delays takes:
  • 30 days EU & UK 
  • 14 days Australia
  • 20 days USA West Coast, 35 days East Coast 


  • From $25k or even less if you order a small model. Perfect as an alternative to an immobile Airstream concession trailer for your event venue. 
  • Don’t need certified equipment? Don’t get it! Get Vietnamese or Chinese OEM. 
  • We know it is not the cheapest Asian option out there ->
  • That is because we do our own in person QC on-site at the Chinese assembly with an American or Dutch experienced food truck builder. 
  • We import only the main bodywork. Fitting sinks, electric, gas and water to code standard is done stateside in FL/TX or in Rotterdam, NL for EU customers. 


  • Need a higher ceiling, longer trailer or a different steel color like copper or gold? 
  • A lot is possible! Up to 40 ft long
  • Fiberglass options available to more easily stay under Commerical Drivers License requirements (C class / truck license for EU customers) 
  • Importing them straight from Alibaba they will never be road legal. Never. Ever. 
  • Karpatia provides road legal finishing to EU standards for a modest price increase depending on length of trailer.
  • Road legal finishing to USA DMV standards possible on request for slight price increase.


  • Shipping time
  • Limited ability to drive by and walk in on your build
  • Limited warranty 
Instagram Berlin Nhow supplied Asian Quality Airsteeam food truck airstream concession trailer
Chinese High Quality Airstream Food Truck / concession trailer replica

Can I convert an Airstream travel trailer into a concession trailer or food truck?

Yes, absolutely. That is how they all start out in life. Now if you are buying new you can have your Airstream dealer leave the travel bits out. And if you are buying used from us, Craigslist, Autoscout/Truckscout, Yandex, Marktplaats, etc… or a site like UsedVending there may be an Airstream food truck for sale that is pre-converted to what you want to do, e.g. an Airstream diner or an Airstream coffee trailer for sale might be all you’re looking for. 

Be sure the equipment is what you want it to be and wiring, floor, wall, water and everything is done right and it can save a bundle when refurbishing a vintage Airstream for your conversion.  

How much does it cost to convert an Airstream food truck?

Conversion of a vintage quality original name brand Airstream to a food truck will be in the ballpark from €80k ($90k) including the trailer and equipment. Should you already have a high quality trailer and equipment procured your total costs are still likely around that mark, but you won’t be paying us that much –  purely doing the conversion in terms of labor and materials will be priced transparently based on your end goal. 

What is the difference between an Airstream Food Truck, Airstream Concession Trailer or Airstream Diner?

YOU – dear reader – probably mean roughly the same thing every time. But what we need to be mindful of is what your state and county define these terms as. For example, Lousianans may be surprised that New Orleans defines a “food truck” in their food truck permit as a dual-axle vehicle that can move under its own power, i.e. unfortunately no food truck permits for Airstream trailers. And they are unfortunately not the only state-county combo doing this. 

Then the questions begs – are you a concession stand or a retail food establishment? Having a fixed spot with seating arrangements is likely to put you in the latter category and whether this has an impact on your business or the necessary specs of the build is something we have to figure out together with you. 

extra services


It might be your first airstream – it’s not ours. From coffeetrailers with a sit-in dining section to massive event catering units with row after row of deep fryers, we have a basic plan to get you rolling quicker. 

We’ll even let you keep our plans if you end up doing the conversion yourself. 


No cash – no problem!

Get pre-qualified by our finance partners or see if we can negotiate an even more affordable loan option through our factory financing if you can put up a deposit or trade in your old model.  

Financing is possible for both new and used models. 


Starting a new business or doing a major upgrade? 

We include our deluxe Food Truck Website package with any purchase or long term rental of an Airstream food truck allowing you to shine as bright online as offline. 

Start Living your dream TODAY!

Get a quote today! - We offer financing and any initial design, sketch and planning intake is free

Is an AIRSTREAM food truck right for your business?