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Get your own Food Bicycle from as low as $3497

Bikes food carts or “food bikes” are mobile in a way operators of a trailer or food truck just can not hope to match. If your permit allows, you can move to streets where it is impossible to park and just cycle up on to the sidewalk to catch some premium traffic. And those sunny beach boulevards and city parks that do not allow motorized access could open up wide for you. Additionally a small food truck bike is an eco friendly electric or pedal-powered lean and green operation. 

Last but not least, bike food carts have a seriously competitive price point – ours start at $3497.  A food bike is a budget friendly option to test out concepts or simply open up on multiple locations at once with less budget.

Your budget savings do not stop at the great initial ticketprice – just think of the maintenance. A bicycle chain is an easy DIY replacement costing only a few dozen dollars compared to a step van transmission breaking down or a food trailer axle buckling under strain, costing thousands and putting your business on ice for weeks. Even the most expensive part of a bike food cart – the engine of an electric food bicycle – breaking down will cost you just under $500 if it needs to be replaced and is about as hard and time consuming as playing with Lego or building an Ikea cabinet. No taxes, no gas and no car or trailer insurance mean that your operational expenses will be very low. 

Our Vending Bike Offer


Karpatia makes hand built, quality custom food bikes. 

Whether you want a compact, efficient and light weight modern e-bike or an ornate vintage food bike. 


All builds have three wheels in common – but everything else is up to you. 

Any of our standard cart sizes can be altered and customized for you. 



All the equipment, design, paint and wrap you want for your food bicycle is done in house. 

We can also provide you with a website for your new brand and make the cart- and site designs in such a way you can use them for all your other branding too.

Basic Tricycle Food Cart

Modern yet basic, the standard tricycle food cart is all pedal power and hustle. Built using high quality bike parts such as Shimano and finished to your choice with a stainless steel, craftsmanship woodwork or durable polyurethane cargobox out front where your magic happens. 

The box is always custom made for you, so it comes in all desired sizes limited only by matters of practicality. However, our recommended size is a minimum of 3 x 2 x 2 ft even if you are selling pre-packaged ice cream. 

Options include an upgrade to the e- bike food cart version with varying levels of power and range in battery. 

Vintage Food Cart bike

Art on three wheels, a vintage food cart bike with a varnished high quality wood box up front that shows the woodworking craftsmanship level that went in to it sends a statement that like your bike cart, the food is authentic and artisanal. 

All bike parts are a discreet matte black and the front container is made using heavy oak stained to look older or using actual salvaged wood. 

Styling your food bike as a retro- or vintage unit is a great option to stand out from other cargobikes, or give that ‘old timey’ feel to your brand if you so desire. 

Of course these too optionally come as an e-bike – with the drive and motor hidden well away. 


Popular Bike Food Carts

Hot Dog Bike

Hot dog carts are by far the most popular street food vending carts in the US – there are whole websites dedicated to nothing but teaching you how to operate a hot dog stand. With good reason – hot dogs simply sell, no three ways about it. 

Chances are that if pushing is not your thing and you need a solution to easily pull the cart, a hot dog bike is the perfect way forward. Our hot dog bikes come in two fashions: the regular food cart bike with the hot dog cart essentials as a fixed part of the box up front, or as a stand-alone cart that can be attached to a bike with a special fitted pull mount, allowing you to park the bike part nearby and operate the cart as-is. 


Coffee Bicycle

Starting your own coffee shop is a dream come true for many – opening up with a coffee bike makes it that much more accessible. 

And coffee bikes are business that certainly has potential – Wheely’s in the US and the uninspiringly named Coffee Bike in Germany are becoming massive franchise chains capable of locally challenging Starbucks here and there. 

That’s a tall (or venti) order to fill, but even more modest ambitions can be comfortably profitable and the coffee bike cart will help you see if mobile vending is for you, if your coffee sells and who buys it. Allowing you to analyze and test everything you need to branch out in to a fixed brick and mortar coffeeshop, big truck, concession trailer or simply place an order for more bikes. 

We provide a basic coffee cart without equipment for those already in a brand partnership or comfortable sourcing by themselves, and a premium version with either high volume or high skill barista machines. 


Ice Cream Bike

The most basic of bike food carts is the ice cream bike selling packaged big brand popsicles and other ice cream on a stick. All you need is our basic tricycle food cart with a freezer in front and you’re ready to go make a kid’s day! 

Of course we also offer the option of a full gelato bar and the art- and woodwork option of making a classic Italian ice cream cart build out for you, including a custom branded umbrella and decal for your ice cream bike. If you allow for a bigger serving area up front, it is also a good margin boosting idea to put up a softserve ice cream machine.

Ice cream bikes can be made in all versions – modern, vintage and either electric or manual. 


our process


By assessing your dreams we come to a shared understanding of who we are building for and why

Exploring multiple design options lets us find the solution that best suits your business goals



We refine the concept and provide you with a detailed design that meets your needs

Close monitoring during production ensures we meet your standards. You can always fly- or drive in and take a look!



We offer a range of extra services to support your operation, so you can keep your focus.

Bike Food Cart considerations

Obvious advantages to bike food carts are their starter friendly sticker price, high maneuverability and extremely low operational costs. But wait – there’s more! 

Food bikes are highly adaptable as the box can easily be switched out allowing you to switch it up between for example ice cream and coffee. And with such a small and light weight unit you can easily vend inside as well – malls are a common example but other options are public and corporate lobbies where a trailer would have a hard time fitting inside and you can make a direct deal with the lobby owner.  

A clear downside to operating a vending bike is the weather – you are exposed and will have an even bigger impact on sales from bad weather than a crew operating out of a regular concession trailer. You may have also thought of selling a product that does not lend itself to the food bike and its limited space and ability to resupply, so carefully consider your offering and menu

Less evident is that many counties and states will not hand you a food truck license or permit to vend alongside with more traditional step van food trucks in their designated food truck spots. It is impossible for us as a builder to keep up with  all of this, so enquire with your local food truck association and the responsible county clerk. 


There are literally hundreds of food truck builders.



Karpatia provides the best quality to value ratio in the industry - from CE conforming standards fit for a 5-star hotel on Asian products to high end European replicas and authentic conversions.


With Karpatia, you have an endless amount of possibilities.
We will provide you with the best kitchen equipment and customizations such as full body wrap or painting – fast and easy.


We also provide additional services to help you get started – from financing to food truck websites 

Is a bike food cart right for you?

Frequently Asked Food Bike related questions

Of course!

Karpatia has no showroom – but of course, we are always happy to show the workshop. You can make an appointment through our contact form and try before you buy.  

Yes, although the usual extra rates and delays apply. 

Yes, we ship to Canada too.

This depends on your city. Check with your local county or city clerk before buying. 

A bike food cart has as much of a shot at profitability as any other mobile vending business – it all depends on your product and your sales-marketing hustle.

Our food bikes are great products – they will work if you do. 

Our prices start at $3497 – but enquire for special offers and discounts on our stock models and we might have something. 


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