How to build a Food Truck

Build your very own food truck – from scratch. With Karpatia Trucks, you can choose every little detail about your food truck. Our team of creative designers will talk with you in detail to build the perfect 3D-model/photoshop mockup for you. The equipment can be chosen from a wide range of options and absolutely nothing is impossible – Display refrigerators, Coffee machines, Pancake maker, Slush Puppy Machine, Grills, Induction cookers, you name it and you got it. The steps below will help you create a basic idea in your head and then we can make your dream food truck – built to specifications.


The team of experts at Karpatia Trucks will help you identify what type of mobile food & beverage solution you need based on your food truck dream. We have a multitude of options. You can choose from our beautiful food trucks for sale. We also have several trailers for sale. Think outside the box! Literally! And try our containers for sale. No dream is too big. We will help you execute your culinary vision right from start to finish!


The team of experts at Karpatia Trucks will help you identify what type of equipment you need inside your truck/trailer/scooter/container. We have a multitude of options. You can choose between a whole range of equipment and appliances based on what all you need to cook and serve your culinary treats. The team at Karpatia Trucks is always available for consultation to guide you through the process of selection and execution!


It’s now important to figure out whether you want to place your food truck at a consistent venue or if you want to drive around from location to location based on the hottest events happening around you! There’s no wrong answer. We’ve got a solution for every type of food & beverage (or any other type of product – think flowers, books, fun and quirky office meeting rooms, nothing is impossible!) dream you may have.


The branding specialists at Karpatia Trucks will help design the entire representation of your business – both online and offline! We’ve got you covered through all aspects of this entrepreneurial journey including but not limited to:
The logo, theme and color scheme
The concept and menu
The website and online representation of your business!


License & permits are specific to which country you’re based out of. With the big network of Karpatia Trucks experts all over the world, we will guide you to enable you to start right on track without any missing any aspects. Everything will be researched and explained – so whether you’re an established restaurant looking to expand your business with a mobile solution or you’re a new entrepreneur looking to venture into the food truck business – we’ve got your back! Make an enquiry today and let us figure everything out for you while you focus your energies on your passion!


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Every truck and trailer is unique - we will help you fine tune your project and get it on the road!