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Does the mobile food & beverage industry attract you? Do you want to enter this market without breaking the bank? Then this is the right solution for you! There’s a multitude of options to choose from – at Karpatia trucks. The basic trailers are a fun and easy way to execute your food truck dream. We can identify your needs and think with you to customize and build the perfect solution from scratch – Exactly tailored to your needs!

Our team of experts is ready to discuss any special requirements. In addition to that we also offer a range of extra services which enable you to start right on track!



  • Timeless Futuristic Design
  • Eyecatcher for your Business

Fully customisable

  • Size, colour, hatches can be adjusted
  • Available in several standard lay-outs

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Food Trailer Small


Starting price ex. TAX & ex. shipping

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Food Trailer Medium


Food Trailer large


Food Trailer xl


Food Trailer Medium


extra services


It might be your first airstream – it’s not ours. From coffeetrailers with a sit-in dining section to massive event catering units, we have a basic plan to get you rolling quicker.


Not looking for a new model, but want to restore a classic Airstream? We can do that too, with guaranteed low prices and an earlier delivery date than the competition.


A converted Airstream food trailer is a reverse-piggybank. You will be pouring in a LOT of $/€ before it is ready to roll. 

To safeguard your business goals and cashflow, financing the conversion and trailer might be a good solution for your business. 

Start your culinary dream

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