The Container with it’s limitless restoration possibilities, allows it to be the perfect solution for your mobile food & beverage dream. Karpatia Trucks offers a wide variety of containers for sale. The Containers can be adapted and converted to much more than a pop-up restaurant/bar. Yes, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! We can identify your needs and think with you to customize and build the perfect solution from scratch – Exactly tailored to your needs. Our team of experts is ready to discuss any special requirements. In addition to that we also offer a range of extra services which enable you to start right on track!

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Does your concept center around food and drinks? Even if the answer to that is no, the containers can be your ultimate answer! From a fun and quirky office meeting room with stools to a pop-up apparel shop – it’s all possible!


From a basic food shop to a fully functional café or restaurant, your culinary dreams can become a reality with the container option. The containers will be fully designed and produced based on your requirements.


The industrial and modern visuals combined with the ability to custom design the layout of the containers gives you the ability to create a one-of-a-kind container. It’s incredible design will attract passersby with absolutely no effort!


Current business is expanding and to keep up with your growing business, you are in need of extra space? The container gives you the ability to explore a new age option with it’s unconventional aesthetic appeal combined with spacious interiors.