The Triporteur is the perfect solution for an entrepreneur wishing to stand out from the competition with a mobile kitchen out of the ordinary. Ideal for coffee and bite sized treats – it also can be equipped with more complex kitchenettes! Easy to move, its compact size allows it to steer through any location. Its unique design will leave an impression for sure! Karpatia offers practical and easy-to-use triporteurs (also called scooter or tuk tuk). We can identify your needs and think with you to customize and build the perfect solution from scratch – Exactly tailored to your needs. Our team of experts is ready to discuss any special requirements. In addition to that we also offer a range of extra services which enable you to start right on track!




Are you looking for an option which will be easy on the pocket? Do you want high value for your money without breaking the bank? A Triporteur is the perfect option for you, because of its affordable purchase and maintenance costs.


The combination of its compact size and playful design gives the Triporteur – the ability to stand out amongst the bigger food trucks and trailers. Your new Karpatia Scooter will be the next trending item on every social media channel!


The Triporteur is the perfect solution for indoor AND outdoor locations. You will never be restricted by the venue of the event. Because of its compact size, you can take it wherever you want! Through narrow roads and into a multitude of locations!


Wanting to drive directly to the hottest events to serve the most delicious snacks and/or beverages? The Triporteur is a great plug-and-play option, no complicated handling or manuals required to get the party started.