Pizza Trailers

From pull behind pizza oven trailers to top of the line pizza trailers

More than 90% of Americans regularly eat pizza – demand is huge. Not only that but pizza is one of if not the most popular options for food delivery – a great way to stay selling during the pandemic. And you can start small with a pizza trailer, very small in fact. 

Our simplest pizza oven trailer is just that – a great quality oven on a good set of wheels. And when you just start out selling that is all you need, just put up a tent if the weather turns and you have a great mobile pizza catering option available from as low as $8k. 

If you are looking to work a specific concession, obtain a food truck license from your city and do larger event catering gigs, be all-weather proof and have a team working inside your trailer then it makes sense to go bigger. 

The most common concession trailers are 20 by 7 ft but as all units are custom made to order we can can go as small or big as needed and a little wider too. Or you can opt for a speciality build like a pizza porch trailer with the oven as an eyecatcher on the front- or back porch of your pizza trailer. 

Already have a model in mind? Then just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly to quote your build. If you are sure about selling pizza but not quite certain about what kind of vending unit is best for you – read on – and browse our pizza food truck models too while you’re at it.

Pizza Trailer options

Mobile Pizza Ovens

A pull-behind oven on wheels – as simple and effective as they come. 

You stand near the trailer to bake and sell your pizza, and we provide a variety of ovens to put up on top. 

Pizza Concession Trailers

Enclosed pizza concession trailers in all shapes and sizes, from huge porch trailers with a pizza mosaic tiled oven out on the porch to compact and efficient concession trailers kitted out with deck ovens for maximum delivery production. 

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Karpatia provides many turn key oven-trailer combinations with a wild variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials used for finishings – all of them stress capable and guaranteed under warranty not to show a single crack up to 50.000 miles or five years of baking. You can have your choice of wood fired pizza trailers to propane or electric, starting from 28” inside and up for $8000.  

A tailgate model trailer that you simply hitch behind your pickup or even a regular car because of the limited weight – and go! These mobile pizza ovens are designed for mobile catering events, parties, farmers markets and other events like weddings and corporate parties.

You can put a lot of ovens on these models – from professionaly masoned stucco / concrete wood fired ovens with mosaic tiles that qualify you for certification as a true Neapolitan pizza maker to a more practical steel model that is electric or propane powered. 

Note that you will need extra space for dry and refrigerated storage as there is little to none on board and as such this unit is best combined with a pickup or cargo van.  


Wood Fired Pizza Trailer

Wood fired ovens much like propane fired units allow you to cater off the grid – and do so silently without a generator scaring off all the customers. 

Upgrading from a tailgate mobile pizza oven to a trailer will also enable you to obtain a fixed concession spot more readily and to get registered with the big delivery platforms – two slices of the pizza market pie we would not want to miss out on as a prospective pizza trailer operator. 

If you are spending big on that oven and decide to go for the classic Italian-Neapolitan style cast oven with mosaic tiling it would be a terrible shame to enclose it – for the love of pizza, put that thing out on a porch! As an eyecatching design it will guarantee extra customers wherever you set up shop. 

A downside to wood fired units – and to a lesser extent propane powered pizza trailers – is that they run in to some safety and certification issues for corporate and industrial lots that can not have an “open fire” on their terrain. 

Another consideration is that it does take time to get an oven operational which you need to account for every time you set up at an event, and even the better model ovens with great residual heat capacity burn through quite a bit of wood when operational which you have to bring with you.


Pizza Concession Trailer


Practical pizza trailers geared to mass producing pizza for delivery or other big fast service needs concession spots such as operating outside movie theaters and sports arenas usually do not operate with a brick oven – wood fired or not. 

For this particular business case you are best off using electric deck ovens. Those are easy to clean, maintain and easy to operate by less trained staff and programmable with all sorts of extra options and high tech bells and whistles. 

Electric deck ovens can be very small and compact, and the taste is different from a wood fired brick oven of course as is the texture of the crust but there is no beating the efficiency. 

If you go even bigger and have a steady order flow you could even upgrade to a conveyor oven in a trailer of 20ft or more. 


Pizza Trailer considerations

To bake outside or to bake inside


We have seen builds with a good concession trailer that has the mouth of the oven facing sideways – meaning even though you are pulling a 20ft or more trailer it is in essence basically a bigger pull behind oven. That setup can work wonders and having the open fire clearly visible is a big customer draw, but it chains you to event catering and gigs and excludes the concessions and delivery market. 

Buying an oven on wheels is a great short term money save – but limits vending and expansion options. Also consider that you need dough to make pizza. I’m sure it had not slipped your mind, but the implication of that is you need to buy and refrigerate pre-bought dough or need room in your setup with the workbench for a mixer and prep table that you haul along with the mobile pizza oven.  

A clay or brick oven is usually not too well suited to the rigors of the road and it might be better to go for a reinforced one – showstopping looks like copper plating and mosaic tiling can still be applied to get the brick-oven look, it will just not actually be full concrete with all the cracks that entails. 


How to spot a good or bad pizza trailer

Fabricators should keep in mind that the big dome ovens are not designed for mobile vending and necessitate a purpose built professionally engineered and designed supporting framework, and you can not simply buy a kit oven and make a pizza trailer without it ending up in a thousand pieces after you hit a pothole. Of course Karpatia engineers certified support systems – but just keep it mind when comparing prices that you also need to compare quality. 

Another tell of a bad pizza trailer build is if you have a nice dome oven and neither the oven nor the mouth is visible from the outside. This is bad for marketing and attracting customers but the real trouble is in the heat dissipation – pizza ovens go over 700 degrees and you do NOT want that radiating around an enclosed trailer. If any testimonial or showcase has a build like this there is a reason the price beats ours – you’ll be buying crap. 

And of course you have to pay attention to the undercarriage – is it a dual-axle trailer, is it braked? Is it some self-built undercarriage or a certified unit? Take a close look at the paint job too, and the quality of welds and the joining of panels. The more wood in a trailer and the panels the less quality it usually is. 

our process


By assessing your dreams we come to a shared understanding of who we are building for and why

Exploring multiple design options lets us find the solution that best suits your business goals



We refine the concept and provide you with a detailed design that meets your needs

Close monitoring during production ensures we meet your standards. You can always fly- or drive in and take a look!



We offer a range of extra services to support your operation, so you can keep your focus.

There are literally hundreds of food truck builders.



Karpatia provides the best quality to value ratio in the industry - from CE conforming standards fit for a 5-star hotel on Asian products to high end European replicas and authentic conversions.


With Karpatia, you have an endless amount of possibilities.
We will provide you with the best kitchen equipment and customizations such as full body wrap or painting – fast and easy.


We also provide additional services to help you get started – from financing to food truck websites 

What type of Pizza Trailer is right for you?

Frequently Asked Pizza Trailer related questions

Yes, we ship to Hawaii. Extra rates apply.

Yes, we ship to Alaska, although extra rates apply.

Containers go everywhere, and all units can always be shipped to the nearest port. We might not have a local forwarder in your country (yet) though, in which case we will find one together with you. 

Of course!

Karpatia has no showroom – but of course, we are always happy to show the workshop. You can make an appointment through our contact form and try before you buy. 

We will gladly export your vehicle to Canada but need a little more cooperation with you to get it up to local code than we would for US customers. 

If you do it right – yes. Food trucks and concession trailers are some of the most profitable small businesses you can operate without very specialized skills. 

It all depends on your product and the effort you put in to the business. Go out there and grind every day and you’ll be selling like hot cakes!


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