Brand Activation Campaigns

Custom food trucks for your brand

A custom food truck or trailer built just for your brand is a great way to showcase your product, draw attention and crowds, and have a highly flexible campaign – from one location for a single afternoon to a campaign running all summer visiting dozens of cities with hundreds of locations.

Based on your activation goals for the campaign or targeted impressions for a certain audience we can help advise the right fit. 

For us the process is not all that different to building any other food truck, we:

  • Talk in detail about your idea and goals
  • Plan the best fitting solution
  • Design it
  • Build it
  • Deliver a great product
  • And then we provide you with service and support post-delivery

What can be noticeably different is your desire to own the vehicle for a pre determined time frame such as 3-6 months or even to only use it for a week or an afternoon. In that case one of the in-stock or for sale trucks or trailers can be retrofitted or branded to your specifications. We also provide a few additional services to help make your campaign a succes.


Are your activations planned at public events and (food truck) festivals? 

Then let us help you organize it all using our intimate knowledge of all those fairs and festivals. 


How about a little twist on that burger to make it uniquely your brand? Can do!

As with the wrapping of the truck, we do disposables, crew outfits – you name it – 100% on-brand for you.


Big campaigns can start small.

If your campaign gets the resounding succes it deserves we can outfit extra trucks and crew at lightning speed for you to ramp up your exposure. 


The creative agency “Mad Men” bit of the campaign planning?

Not us. 

But if you are a brand in need of that we can connect you with our partners. 

What does a food truck used for a brand activation campaign cost?

A great second hand truck refurbished for your brand will run around $/€ 40-50k and could similarly be leased for under $/€ 1000 a month on a five year lease and also has a 30% estimated economic end of life value after five years. 

A top of the line custom food truck built new will cost as much as $200k / €180k. The out of pocket cost can often be limited to under $3000 per month for brands engaging in a five year lease, with a 20-30% estimated economic end of life value after five years. Total cost of ownership will vary based on when or if the decision is made to put the food truck back up for sale, and how the brand- and product specifics of the truck affect the resale interest (i.e. there a lot more red burger trucks than pink-gold spitroast chicken units and the truck will resell similarly faster).  

Top of the line brand new food trailers are about the same price as food trucks are second hand, and can be a great value option. An imitation American-Style “airstream” trailer could be delivered new for as little as €/$ 30.000.  

Based on CPM and Engagement a Brand Activation Campaign using Food Trucks is
competitive with social media advertising!

Rental pricelist

 A rental food truck will run you, depending on the model/make/year and equipment: 

  • $500-750+ per day
  • $1000-1500+ per week
  • $2500-5000+ per month


This pricing overview excludes incidental fees such as insurance, cleaning, pick-up and delivery or an extra fee per mile/km driven that are more frequent for daily- or weekly rental than monthly based on the details of the campaign.

With the pricing varying based on the model, you will also have to account for additional fees in the branding expense depending on how extensive the works are, i.e. wrapping or spray painting a white truck fully red is more expensive than covering a quarter of the white truck’s surface with red vinyl stickering. This is why we always need to talk through your project before we can deliver a custom quote! 

Branding possibilities

  • Paint jobs – from 100% full RAL color to multicolor or designs.
  • Vinyl wrap – from logo stickers to full- or partial wrap. 
  • LED or lightboard signing in any size and design.
  • Panel board/signage
  • Design service in photoshop or CAD, 2d and 3d

Something you want is not on the list? Let us know and we’ll get to work. 

Can you help me plan the brand activation campaign?

Yes, we can help you with planning by using our extensive food truck network to suggest upcoming events that would be a fit for your brand.  

Are you interested in a brand activation campaign using food trucks?


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Every truck and trailer is unique - we will help you fine tune your project and get it on the road!