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A frequently spotted failing and mentioned desire of independent food truck owner-operators, is their lacking digital presence. So we collaborated with Go-Celebrate! – Europe’s largest booking platform for event catering and food trucks – to make the ultimate food truck website.

Easy to use, with everything you need and very easy and low cost to set-up and maintain. Running your business is enough work as it is – the website should not add to that.


Food truck website design

Ensuring that your website has all the components that will make the online presence of your business match your real life passion.


    • Updates
    • bug-fixes
    • plug-in compatibility


Constant support and maintenance to ensure you have the best experience on your entrepreneurial journey.

Food truck website templates

Yours is not the very first hamburger food truck. As such, you can likely work even faster using one of our common templates for a specific food truck type. 


Make it possible for your website to be accessable to everyone on the web. 

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Food truck Theme easy to install WordPress theme

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Superb, fast and efficient site maintenance

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Hosting for your food truck website

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Make your digital presence great with website built for you by our professional web design team. 

595 One time fee


Why is a food truck builder offering a food truck website?

We consider it part of our customer succes efforts. Nothing breaks a builder’s heart more than seeing one of their beautiful trucks being put up for sale again because the owner did not manage to realize their dreams with the truck we built. This is the reason we also blog a lot about how to run a good food truck business. That, and, it’s a great commericial deal-sweetener should you just happen to be interested in one of our models.

How much does it cost to make a food truck website?

It all depends on your Web development skills. However, assuming you are at least somewhat similar to most food truck owner-operators we know (and we know a few hundred), all that coding is not exactly your business.

We offer a website starting at €699. If you need hosting, a domain and e-mail set up for you that can be done too for as low as €14,95 per month.

Why a food truck should get a website?

Word of mouth and street visibility work great in major metropolitan areas where the daily lunch rush is your largest source of revenue. Unfortunately for most food truck owners, that is not the case. You will need to attend (food truck) festivals, do private catering and business to business events to have a profitable business. Having a highly representative website is a great advertisement for you and your business when the client is considering whether to book you or not. 

We would recommend all food truck owners to register on booking websites too – like Go Celebrate! or Roaming Hunger. You’ll still need your own website though! After checking out the profile on the booking site, many customers will want to see what your own website looks like. 

How can a food truck have a website that helps grow the business?

Having your own website will allow you to take direct online bookings, and attract more foottraffic to your vending location by showing where you’re vending on your food truck website’s embedded google maps. Another great feature is putting your calendar up on the site – showing which events you’re going to be attending will make the organizers happy and also allow anyone considering booking you for a private event to drop by and have a tasting. 

Those are just the direct reasons though! Many more people that know you will be sooner to book again when it is easier to find your website showing all you have to offer. 


Why pick us?

Because of the network effects and spin-off that this website generates for us and our partners, we can provide the site at a cost where a web design firm could not provide the same quality.
And of course, we own and run several of the most succesful sites in the food truck space as well as having made a TONNE of websites just for food trucks like you, from all over the world. Need more convincing? Read our testimonials or visit some of the sites we made and contact them. We’ll be waiting for you right here.



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